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Should We Be More Tolerant of Homophobes?

The JC Penney Ad Featuring Two Real-Life Gay Dads

Homophobia should be tolerated as long as it’s expressed in a calm, civilized manner.

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Do Gay Men Find Themselves Sexually Attractive? (NSFW)

“I’d do me.”

I guess my little blog here has gotten a boost in Google rankings ’cause I’m pickingĀ up more traffic through search engine queries. Some of these searches are pretty general – “gay blog” or “gay relationships” – but others are quite specific, and I thought they deserved to be addressed in a weekly post.

So without further ado, may I present to you Week 1 of Very Specific Google Questions:

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Can Gay Men Really Be “Just Friends”?

Remember that scene in When Harry Met Sally where Harry explains why men and women can’t be friends?

“The sex part always gets in the way,” he says.

Then I thought maybe this rule applied to gay men as well – a demographic known for being sex-crazed and superficial.

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What You Need to Know Before Coming Out of the Closet

Photo Credit: eastofanywhere.tumblr.com

Without a doubt, the most common question I get is, “How do I come out?”

For closeted people, it’s more than a question – it’s a brain-eating amoeba that chews away at your hope and sanity. (And the only prescription is more cowbell – sorry, couldn’t help it.)

In my opinion, there is no right or wrong way to come out.

Sure, there are less stressful ways to come out – like telling your best friend in private as opposed to your homophobic mom finding gay porn on the computer – but in the end, your secret is out and you’re forced to deal with it.

And so you grow and you learn – two words synonymous with fear. Think about it: How can you grow up emotionally without ever feeling nervous or scared?

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