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VIDEO: Ask a Gay Couple – Dating a Foreigner

We get a lot of questions about the challenges we face as a bi-cultural couple. In this video, we talk about the language barrier, how it affects communication, and the steps we’re taking to improve. Remember to rate and comment – thanks for watching!

Transitioning From an Open to Closed Relationship

This is a guest post by Stefan.

Maybe it’s because anniversaries are a time for reflection, or maybe it’s because in the summer I’m often out jogging or on my bike and just thinking too much, but lately I’ve been pondering my relationship and its future.

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Can Gay Men Really Be “Just Friends”?

Remember that scene in When Harry Met Sally where Harry explains why men and women can’t be friends?

“The sex part always gets in the way,” he says.

Then I thought maybe this rule applied to gay men as well – a demographic known for being sex-crazed and superficial.

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