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VIDEO: Ask a Gay Couple – Dating a Foreigner

We get a lot of questions about the challenges we face as a bi-cultural couple. In this video, we talk about the language barrier, how it affects communication, and the steps we’re taking to improve. Remember to rate and comment – thanks for watching!

Would You Take a Straight Pill?

If you could take a pill right now that would erase all homosexual desires, would you?

I made a video on this topic way back when I first started my channel and the response has been about 50/50.

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Do Gay Men Find Themselves Sexually Attractive? (NSFW)

“I’d do me.”

I guess my little blog here has gotten a boost in Google rankings ’cause I’m picking up more traffic through search engine queries. Some of these searches are pretty general – “gay blog” or “gay relationships” – but others are quite specific, and I thought they deserved to be addressed in a weekly post.

So without further ado, may I present to you Week 1 of Very Specific Google Questions:

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3 Reasons Why Gay Men are Afraid of Gay Sex

One of my subscribers sent me a message today that said this:

My thing is that I’m really afraid of gay sex.  I don’t know what it is, but I have all these ideas about how it is “supposed” to be. It’s so frustrating to not have any clear images about what it’s supposed to be like to be gay.

Now, if you’ve been out of the closet for a while, your first reaction might be, “WTF, sex is awesome!”

But for those of you recently out, the idea of having sex as a gay person can be downright terrifying and – dare I say – disgusting?

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Stop Hating Yourself in 3 Easy Steps

I thought coming out would solve everything. My secret was out, the lies could stop, and I could finally move on with my life, the way I wanted.

But when the dust settled and the initial excitement of my coming out wore off, I was faced with a reality that I was not prepared for – I now had to be myself.

There was no going back to the comfort of my closet, no place to hide anymore.

Suddenly, a whole new wave of confusion encompassed me. I had spent years ignoring myself, my thoughts, my desires – and now that I had come out and declared my sexual identity, I was left scrambling to figure out the rest of the puzzle.

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