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Stop Hating Yourself in 3 Easy Steps

I thought coming out would solve everything. My secret was out, the lies could stop, and I could finally move on with my life, the way I wanted.

But when the dust settled and the initial excitement of my coming out wore off, I was faced with a reality that I was not prepared for – I now had to be myself.

There was no going back to the comfort of my closet, no place to hide anymore.

Suddenly, a whole new wave of confusion encompassed me. I had spent years ignoring myself, my thoughts, my desires – and now that I had come out and declared my sexual identity, I was left scrambling to figure out the rest of the puzzle.

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How to Work Your Happy Muscle

Happiness, as I’ve learned, is not a default state of mind. You have to work for

For years, I beat myself up for not being happy. I waited and waited…but happy never came, and that’s when I discovered what a selfish, ungrateful human being I was.

I didn’t deserve happiness, I thought, because I WANT to be happy instead of inherently BEING happy.

This wasn’t me feeling sorry for myself; I was genuinely perplexed as to why I couldn’t wake up each morning excited to take on the day.

Finally, I asked myself Why am I sad?” instead of asking myself “When will I be happy?”

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