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HELP! I’m in Love with My Straight Friend.

I have a crush on a straight friend right now. The┬ámore we get closer, the more I want him. It’s painful, it’s hell. – reader Erick

Coming out to friends is hard. Falling in love with one of them knowing they’ll never love you in return is downright heartbreaking.

And it’s a problem many LGBT people face from puberty through adulthood.

So what can you do about it? How can you get past this love, this obsession for your straight friend?

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Can Gay Men Really Be “Just Friends”?

Remember that scene in When Harry Met Sally where Harry explains why men and women can’t be friends?

“The sex part always gets in the way,” he says.

Then I thought maybe this rule applied to gay men as well – a demographic known for being sex-crazed and superficial.

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